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Please ensure your first and last name are entered as they appear on your patient label and that your DOB is entered as it appears on your patient label with hyphens (e.g. 2000-12-31). If you have a middle name, please do not include it.
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If your test result is "POSITIVE" this means you have COVID-19. Please read these instructions for being POSITIVE for COVID-19.
You should take the Ontario Government’s COVID-19 Self-Assessment to confirm if you need COVID-19 treatment, such as the Paxlovid pill. Treatment helps prevent serious illness in people who are at higher risk of severe COVID-19.
COVID-19 treatment is available by:
  • Contacting a pharmacist who is prescribing Paxlovid
  • Visiting a Clinical Assessment Centre (where you can get tested, assessed and treated or a prescription)
  • Contacting a primary care provider (e.g. your family doctor or nurse practitioner)
Learn more about COVID-19 treatment and if it is right for you.

If your test result is "INDETERMINATE" and you have symptoms or a known exposure you likely have COVID-19. Read these instructions for being POSITIVE for COVID-19. If you have no symptoms and no known exposure then repeat your test and isolate pending results.

If you are having difficulty accessing your results or cannot locate your MRN, you may also access your results using your green photo Ontario health card on the Ontario Health COVID-19 Test Results website.

Covid-19 testing method: Real-time PCR
Covid-19 results should be available within 48 hours.
If your test results are not available after 48 hours, send an email to for further assistance.
Please remember to follow self-isolation discharge instructions while awaiting test results.